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I came to Jill with one goal: to get back in shape for ski season. Each session Jill challenged me with new exercises to a fun playlist. Ski season just wrapped, and I feel stronger than ever. I will definitely work with Jill again. - Maura M

Jill is the BEST!! I had been thinking about getting back into working out for some time, but couldn't figure out the best way to do it. Jill came highly recommended. She is simply amazing. She adapts programs to achieve your objectives and meet your needs, motivates and pushes you just enough to get results and feel great, and educates you along the way. She is so knowledgeable, personable, kind hearted, and flexible. And she's super fun - I love all our conversations during our sweat sessions! I couldn't recommend her more - Frederique B

Jill is much more than an excellent trainer who knows her stuff. She's an amazing person...patient, empathetic, flexible, creative and motivational. Simply said, she's the best! - Sherry L

I started working out with Jill over a year ago, as I needed to get back into working out after being relatively inconsistent with my workout routine. I was looking for someone to provide one on one instruction and was especially excited to learn that Jill had an option to come to my house and was able to create workouts using what I had but would supplement with her own items as needed. Workouts with Jill are never the same but always challenging, which is exactly what I need. I've primarily focused on strength training with my past trainers, and Jill has integrated more full body exercises with strength training to help me gain muscle and get into better shape. Jill brings her knowledge of fitness to each session to adjust and change exercises as needed. I love working out with Jill and can't wait to continue! - Katie M

I’m in my early 60’s and had worked out off and on all my life—in big classes and on my own. Both left something to be desired for me. After having some (resolved) knee issues and not working out much for a couple of years, I felt like a needed someone who could work with me personally to help me get back in shape without that ‘big class’ dynamic. Jill has been exactly what I hoped for! Our one-on-one trainings are tailored to my goals and challenges, and… Jill makes working out fun. I’ve seen a BIG difference in my strength, energy level and muscle tone since we began working together. I would highly recommend Jill for one-to-one training for people of any age, from work-out newbies to ‘gym-nevers.’- Amie D

I love working out one on one with Jill, she is incredible. I have worked out with Jill now for the past year and the results are amazing not only do I see the physical changes but also my health has changed. Every week is a different workout and I am never bored, she pushes me harder than I would if it was just me working out. I find her extremely knowledgeable, efficient, punctual and she always comes very prepared for our one on one training. Could not recommend her enough! - Sharon B

Jill makes you want to work hard and possesses that special kind of evil that makes it fun and guarantees a good workout every time. Recently she made a comment on the position of the pelvis during bicep curls...a great example of how she consistently uses her knowledge of the body, proper form, and lifting to provide coaching and modifications for each individual's needs. I look forward to my next butt-kicking! - Kevin C

I have always hated working out, but I have been training with Jill for 3 years and I now look forward to my workouts.  It's never the same workout twice and she knows exactly how to motivate me and just how far to push me. - Katie C

Jill is incredibly knowledgeable in the fitness industry and her training is efficient, focused, and results driven. Jill is great at working with all fitness levels and making you feel comfortable with modifications if needed. She will motivate you to train harder and you will definitely get the results you want after working out with her! I can’t recommend her enough! She’s awesome! - Caroline A

Jill is the best! I’ve worked out with her in various formats,  you can tell right away she loves what she does. She’s the perfect amount of scary while still motivating you and pushing you to get your best possible workout and results. I highly recommend Jill if you are looking for a killer workout while having fun. - Christel M

Jill's workouts are amazing - great but challenging workouts with a lot of instruction and support! I highly recommend her. - Colleen M

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